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Get The Most Out Of Your Self Car Wash

By 12/11/2020December 15th, 2020No Comments

Get The Most Out Of Your Self Car Wash

We strive to deliver our tailored “Prestige For You” experience, and that’s why we give you the option of self or full-service. Many of our customers and car aficionados prefer to take their cleaning into their own hands. This allows them to really focus on the nooks and crannies of their vehicle that need to be cleaned. In this post we’ll discuss how to get the most out of your self car wash at Prestige Auto Spa!


Come in for a single wash, or save some serious dough and sign up for one of our unlimited wash club memberships. Wash your car once a month or once a day. You’ll start saving after your second wash, and the savings only increase from there. No catch, no contracts and no hidden charges, just unlimited premium washes for your vehicle. The Exotic and Prestige packages include the best features!

self car wash miami


To begin with, our personable staff is always on hand to help with your wash or guide you on your way. Safety is our #1 priority and so we are working with all government-issued COVID-19 regulations and requirements. Above all, our beautiful modern facility is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and we use only the best soaps and waxes for your vehicle. We’ve also partnered with Zep Vehicle Care, makers of Armor All Professional™, Blue Coral®, Rain-X®, and Black Magic® to offer premium external protection for your vehicle. Read on and learn how to maximize your self car wash!

Picking a Package

self car wash miami

We have four different wash packages available at Prestige Auto Spa, with tiers reflecting which services you need for your clean. Our Exotic and Prestige packages are the best value, and include everything required for your self car wash.


self car wash miami

Our amazing express tunnel wash experience takes under 3 minutes because of our technically advanced process. The express tunnel allows us to deliver one of the fastest car wash services in Miami. Its also a super fun ride through!


self car wash dry

Before applying any waxes or extras to your vehicle, it must be completely dry. Our drying process should be followed by a pat-dry with towels to ensure a complete job. We have plenty of these on-site for your convenience.

Wheel Clean & Tire Shine

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Your self car wash is not complete without taking care of the wheels! Once you're done with the body wash, turn your attention to your vehicle's kicks and get them looking shiny and new.


self car wash miami

We include a standard clear-coat protectant with every wash. Pick a wash package above Classic and experience The Fusion™ Process. This is what turns a car wash into an auto spa treatment. You’ll notice the hand-wax quality of the shine, the premium protection for your paint job, and the improved visibility through your windows.


car detailing miami

Once the outside of your car is squeaky clean, it's time to get the inside matching. Enjoy free vacuum use with every wash package, and make sure your interior ready for whatever.

Beyond just washing and drying, there are a lot of cleaning steps to focus on to make sure you get the most complete self car wash. In conclusion, now you know to get the most out of your self car wash at Prestige Auto Spa. Therefore, its time to get your car looking as good as possible!