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The Prestige Unlimited package is the ultimate plan for keeping your car looking good every day of the week. It includes free vacuum use, regular wash, regular dry, tire shine, wheel cleaning, tri-foam, fusion rain repel, fusion wax, fusion seal, fusion rinse, fusion prime, fusion bath, and ceramic x3 coating.

After two uses, this wash membership pays for itself.



  • 31 Redemptions are included per month.
  • Redeem up to 1 time per day.
  • Redemption can not be applied as a credit toward a more expensive upgrade.
  • This is a monthly Recurring Plan that will charge your credit card today and on a monthly basis. Recurring Plans are for personal use only, not intended for commercial use.
  • After you purchase this Recurring Plan you will receive a temporary Code redeemable for Classic Wash. Until you see an attendant for your permanent tag at the selected location you can only use this code once per month. Once you see an attendant, you will be issued the permanent tag and receive your full plan benefits.